Robert, known as Bob by everyone in Ohio, serves as both an Ohio Department of Natural Resources Deputy Director and State Forester. Bob has been a pillar of strength and a voice for professional forestry throughout his 34-year career with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. His skills as a leader, negotiator, and manager are highlighted by his duel responsibilities as Deputy Director with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Chief of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry.

As Deputy Director, Bob oversees the Division of Forestry, Division of Wildlife, and Mineral Resources Management. He is responsible for providing direction that ensures these divisions are efficiently accomplishing their legislated missions. Bob works directly with legislators on budgetary issues (annual budgets in excess of $80 million,) management issues, and constituent responses. He is required to work directly with the Governor’s office on a multitude of high profile issues.

As the Division of Forestry Chief, he is responsible for managing the State Forest system, Service and Urban Forestry Programs, Fire Program, Forest Health, and Forestry Education efforts. Bob successfully guided the Division of Forestry through the economic recession and a series of high profile retirements. In addition, he has been directing the forestry staff to revamp Ohio’s Forest Tax Law to make the program more attractive to Ohio’s forest landowners to ensure working forests remain sustainable on Ohio’s landscape.

Bob holds both a Bachelor of Science in Forestry in Forest Resource Management and a Master of Science in Forestry in Forest Management from West Virginia University and is a Society of American Foresters-Certified Forester and a Certified Public Manager.

Bob is a Past-president of the Ohio Forestry Association, has been a member of the Ohio Forestry Association’s Board of Directors for three terms, and served two terms as Chairman of the Ohio Society of American Foresters.

Bob is dedicated to promoting sustainable forestry through demonstration and education. He has co-authored a number of research articles and has published a number of educational articles in various magazines, newsletters, and brochures. He has served as a volunteer silviculture and ecology instructor for the Ohio Forestry Association’s High School Student Forestry Camp for more than seven years. In 2016, Bob was named Fellow by the Society of American Foresters. He is a certified Best Management Practice instructor and a Project Learning Tree instructor. He has received the outstanding member of the Ohio Society of American Foresters award, received the Directors award from the Ohio Forestry Association, and received the Ohio Forestry Association’s award for outstanding forester contributing to Ohio Forestry Association programs.