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Celebrating Tree City USA

ODNR Division of Forestry Urban Forestry program administers all Ohio Tree City USA, Tree Line, and Tree Campus programs on behalf of the Arbor Day Foundation.

Tree City USA

Tree City USA logoTree City USA is a community improvement initiative from the Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters and the USDA Forest Service. Tree City USA provides a basic framework for community forestry management for cities and towns across America. Interested in becoming a Tree City USA? Contact your regional Urban Forester.

Awards ceremonies for Tree City USA are held each spring.

Ohio Tree Communities: 237
Ohio's original Tree Cities: Springfield, Westerville, Wooster
Ohio Tree Campus USA: 21
Ohio Tree Line USA: 6
Growth Awards: 41
Trees planted: more than 24,000
Trees pruned: more than 77,000
Volunteer hours: more than 42,000
Total investment: more than $40 million

Tree City USA Growth Award

The Tree City USA Growth Award from the Arbor Day Foundation recognizes higher levels of tree care by participating Tree City USA communities. The Growth Award highlights innovative programs and projects and increased commitment of resources for urban forestry and provides an opportunity to share new ideas and successes across the country. Communities must spend more dollars per capita than the previous year and earn 10 points from the following categories:

- Category A: Education and Public Relations
- Category B: Partnership
- Category C: Planning and Management
- Category D: Tree Planting and Maintenance

Tree Line USA®

The Tree Line USA® program exists to recognize best practices in public and private utility arboriculture, demonstrating how trees and utilities can co-exist for the benefit of communities and citizens. The Arbor Day Foundation collaborates with the National Association of State Foresters on this initiative. These state foresters bring expertise in balancing the demands of expanding utility needs in our communities alongside the benefits of providing adequate care for our urban forests.

Tree Line USA Standards

  1. Quality Tree Care: Industry standards for pruning, planting, removals, trenching, and tunneling near trees are consistently followed.
  2. Annual Worker Training: Utility employees and contract workers are trained at least annually in best practices.
  3. Tree Planting and Public Education: Tree planting and public education programs are available to the public and paying customers, demonstrating proper tree planting, placement, and pruning while expanding the tree canopy in the community.
  4. Tree-Based Energy Conservation Program: A formal tree-based energy conservation program is in place, putting special consideration on the value of trees in conserving energy.
  5. Arbor Day Celebration: Sponsorship of or participation in annual Arbor Day events at the community level are documented, including collaboration with community groups whenever possible.

Tree Line USA is an Arbor Day Foundation Program sponsored by the National Association of State Foresters, the Utility Arborist Association, and the Society of Municipal Arborists.

Tree Campus®

The Tree Campus® program helps colleges and universities around the country establish and sustain healthy community forests.

Tree Campus Standards:

  1. Campus Tree Advisory Committee: A committee comprised of members representing the diverse audience of those with a stake in campus trees is established and meets regularly.
  2. Campus Tree Care Plan: A goal oriented plan designed to fit the policy, management, and educational needs and circumstances of your campus.
  3. Campus Tree Program with Dedicated Annual Expenditures: Annual funding of a suggested $3 per full-time student.
  4. Arbor Day Observance
  5. Service Learning Project: An annual project that engages the student population with activities related to trees on campus or in the surrounding community.

Tree Campus is an Arbor Day Foundation Program sponsored by Toyota.