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Research on Old Woman Creek NERR

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The Ecology of Old Woman Creek, Ohio: An Estuarine and Watershed Profile

This document incorporates the results of over 200 research and monitoring projects completed by the professional staff and visiting researchers, including comprehensive lists of all organisms that have been identified in the Old Woman Creek estuary. Chapters include summaries of research relating to the area's history, geology, soils, climate, hydrology, chemistry, biology, ecology, archaeology, and land use:


An Atlas of the Aquatic and Wetland Biota of the Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve and State Nature Preserve

Technical Bulletins

Bulletin 1: The Movement of Sediment in the Old Woman Creek Watershed [pdf]

Bulletin 2: Changes in the Old Woman Creek Plant Community Following Reduced Water Levels [pdf]

Bulletin 3: Lake Erie's Dead Zone -- How Is Fish Habitat Affected? [pdf]

Bulletin 4: Reconnecting with Our Great Lake's Coast [pdf]

Bulletin 5: Phenological Species Monitoring [pdf]