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Ohio Oil and Gas Well Locator


The Ohio Oil & Gas Well Locator is an interactive map that allows users to search for oil and gas wells and related information in the state of Ohio.

Below is a list of basic instructions for use of the locator that detail the options and types of searches available.

Launch Oil and Gas Well Locator

Disclaimer Tab

This is the default view when you launch the Oil & Gas Well Locator. Users may choose to read the Disclaimer, Information and Data tabs. When users are ready to proceed, they may click on the “X” in the upper right corner to close the box and proceed to the Oil & Gas Well Locator.

Information Tab

The Information tab on the pop-up menu provides users helpful links to information about the map, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Oil & Gas Services, and MetaData searches.

Data Tab

Oil & Gas Data by County is available for download by clicking on the Data tab on the pop-up menu. Users may then download the data via a .zip file. Metadata is included with each zip file. The data is provided in a Shapefile format.

Legends and Layers

The Legends & Layers dropdown allows users to turn-on and turn-off certain markers. Users may expand layer options by selecting the “+” next to many fields. An expanded option menu will then appear for users to select markers from. These markers include Oil & Gas Wells, Oil & Gas Fields, Oil & Gas Fields by play, Core Holdings, Source Water Protection Areas (OEPA), Five Year Travel Time (Ground Water SWPA), Notification Areas, 100 Year Flood Plain (FEMA), Urban Areas (ODNR-DOGRM) and Land Base.

By default, only the Active wells are shown when you launch the Oil & Gas Well Locator. Users may choose turn on the inactive wells by checking the box labeled “Wells by Status (Inactive)” in the Legend & Layers section on the left side of the screen. Users may click on the “+” sign next to each box to expand the section.

County Bookmarks

The County Bookmarks Dropdown provides an alphabetical listing of counties that are bookmarked for quick location. Bookmarks can also be added.

Other Tools: Address/Coordinate Search

Users may enter a street address or GPS coordinates in the search bar.

Other Tools: Measurement

Users may measure any two or more points on the map by Area, Distance, or Location. Area can be measured in acres, sq. miles, sq. kilometers, hectares, sq. yards, sq. feet and sq. meters. Distance can be measured in miles, kilometers, feet, meters, yards, and nautical miles. Location can be shown in degrees or DMS. To clear a measurement, users should double click the current measurement.

Other Tools: Draw

The Draw tool allows users to draw one or more shapes on the basemap. When users select a tool, instruction are provided on how to use the tool when you select a tool and hover over the basemap.


The Print dropdown menu allows users to print their basemap’s. Users may title their basemap and choose which Format and Layout to save it as.


The base map feature allows for four types of views: street, satellite, topographical (default view) and gray. The viewer defaults to the topographical view when opened, but can be changed to a different view through the Basemaps dropdown.


The Search dropdown allows for searches by either attribute or shape. The layer field allows you to search by Oil & Gas Wells, Core Samples, Parcel, or Township. This feature will produce a list of the well(s) and associated information that match your search criteria. This information can then be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file.