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Fish Ohio Recognition Program

2022 Fish Ohio Pins will be shipping starting the first week of October!

The Fish Ohio program recognizes anglers for noteworthy catches of Ohio’s fish. Since 1976, more than 400,000 anglers have been recognized for their catches. The Ohio Division of Wildlife took over the program's management in 1980. 

Each angler with a qualifying catch receives a collectible Fish Ohio lapel pin*. Each year’s pin has a different species of fish on it, along with the year, so the pin that the angler receives won’t necessarily have the same fish on it as the qualifying fish caught.

There is also a Master Angler category for anglers who catch four different Fish Ohio-qualifying species in a single year. The Master Angler pin is the same as the Fish Ohio pin except it is gold in color.

Reserve a Pin

The 2022 pin will feature a black crappie.

Anglers will receive a Fish Ohio pin for their first entry each year, and a Master Angler pin for qualifying entries in four different species categories in the same year.

  • Fish must be taken by legal angling and not from pay lakes.
  • The deadline for application for the year is December 31.
  • Possible state record fish must be kept frozen for verification by the Outdoor Writers of Ohio.

Submit your catch to Fish Ohio!


Qualifying Sizes

Qualifying sizes below apply to all Ohio waters.

Blue Catfish 35 inches
Brown Trout 20 inches
Bowfin 23 inches
Bullhead 14 inches
Carp 28 inches
Channel Catfish 26 inches
Crappie 13 inches
Flathead Catfish 35 inches
Hybrid-Striped Bass 21 inches
Largemouth Bass 20 inches
Longnose Gar 34 inches
Muskellunge 40 inches
Northern Pike 32 inches
Rock Bass 9 inches
Sauger 16 inches
Saugeye     21 inches
Sucker 20 inches
Spotted Bass 15 inches
Sunfish 9 inches

Qualifying sizes below apply to inland lakes or reservoirs; the Ohio River; private ponds; inland rivers or streams.

Freshwater Drum 20 inches
Smallmouth Bass   18 inches
Walleye  25 inches
White Bass  14 inches
Yellow Perch 12 inches

Qualifying sizes below apply to Lake Erie and its tributaries.

Freshwater Drum 24 inches
Lake Trout
31 inches
Smallmouth Bass 19 inches
Steelhead 28 inches
Walleye  28 inches
White Bass 15 inches
Yellow Perch  13 inches