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Field Trials

A common problem for Ohio’s sporting dog owners and hunters is finding a place to pursue their sport. The Division of Wildlife addresses this problem in two ways:

  • Encouraging continued hunting on private land with owner’s permission.
  • Acquiring and developing lands for wildlife where the primary recreational use is hunting. Other wildlife-related recreational activities are encouraged to the degree compatible.

Field trials are allied to the sport of hunting. They make a contribution to maintaining breeds of dogs which add not only to the sport of hunting, but also the conservation of our wildlife resources by facilitating more efficient game harvest. Field trials specifically involve dogs or raptors, horses and game birds in an organized and judged event.

Field Trial Season:

  • Private Land: September 1 - April 30
  • Public Land: September 1 - October 31; March 1 - April 30

Note: Specific dates for field trials may be restricted at times on public lands because of conflict with the primary purpose of the area. Other compatible uses of the wildlife area are permitted in the field trail areas during the field trial seasons. Field trial events may not close or block any public access roads to wildlife areas.

Dog Training Areas:

Field Trial Areas:

  • Delaware Wildlife Area - 68 acres
  • Grand River Wildlife Area - 337 acres
  • Rush Run Wildlife Area - 170 acres
  • Tri-Valley Wildlife Area - 2,523 acres
  • Woodbury Wildlife Area - 437 acres

For complete details regarding field trials, please view the Guidelines for Field Trials For Sporting Dogs.