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Fish Transportation and Fish Wholesale Permits

Fish Transportation and Fish Wholesale Permits are issued annually through our online permit application process or through the Sandusky Fisheries and Enforcement Unit office.  Please refer to the Commercial Fishing Law Digest for information on the Fish Transportation and Fish Wholesale permits.

Fish Transportation Permit: Apply Online/Access Account

Fish Wholesale Permit: Apply Online/Access Account

VHS, Fish Importation & Fish Transportation
Aquaculture permit applicants and fish haulers should be aware of the VHS Proclamation made by the Department of Agriculture. This Proclamation prohibits the intra-state transportation, sale, or distribution of 28 fish species susceptible to Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) out of the affected region in northern Ohio. Furthermore, in order to import fish into Ohio, the Ohio Department of Agriculture must first be contacted at:

Sarah Martin
Ohio Department of Agriculture
Certification License Exam 2
Fish Permits
(614) 728-6220

Dr. Dennis Summers
State Veterinarian
Ohio Department of Agriculture
Division of Animal Industry
8995 E. Main St., Bldg. 6
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
(614) 728-6220
(614) 728-6310 Fax

NOTE: Beginning immediately, emerald shiners (Notropis atherinoides) collected from all United States waters of Lake Erie, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York will no longer require testing and disease-free certification for VHS as a condition for importation into Ohio when their final destination is north of the Proclamation Line within the State (north of a line that that follows US Highway 6 from the Indiana border to the intersection of US Highway 6 and Interstate 90 continuing along Interstate 90 east to the Pennsylvania border). 

Additional Information:

Please visit The Ohio State University's Aquaculture Program website or the Ohio Aquaculture Association website for information on fish culture methods, nutritional requirements, aquaculture system design and management, species selection and water quality management for existing and prospective aquaculturists.