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Commercial Nuisance Wild Animal Control Operator License

Nuisance Wild Animal Control 

Bat Exclusion Authorization Application 

When 14 or fewer bats are inside a structure, a bat exclusion can be performed at any time of the year. However, when 15 or more bats are inside a structure, it is illegal to perform an exclusion between May 16-July 31. In situations where human health and safety is at risk, a property owner/designee may seek written authorization from the Chief of the Division of Wildlife to perform a bat exclusion during the restricted dates. Before applying for authorization, the property owner/designee must inspect the property for bats and perform two bat watches at the structure within a 7-day period. To apply for this exclusion authorization, please complete and return Bat Exclusion Authorization Application.

Please call the ODNR Division of Wildlife customer service at 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543) for more information.

Commercial Nuisance Wild Animal Control

Below are the materials you will need to complete the application in order to become a Commercial Nuisance Wild Animal Control Operator (CNWACO). The fee for obtaining a CNWACO license is $40 per year and the license must be renewed annually by the last day of February.

Study Materials:

This application is for businesses and individuals performing Nuisance Wild Animal Control for hire. Landowners wishing to apply for a deer damage or goose damage permit must apply for those separately.


Required for all permit holders and employees who will perform Nuisance Wild Animal Control activities.

  • Number of questions: 100
  • Has a time limit of: 01:30:00
  • Must be finished in one sitting. You cannot save and finish later.
  • Questions displayed per page: 5
  • Will allow you to go back and change answers.
  • Will let you finish with some questions unanswered if you are not sure of the answer.
  • Passing grade=80%
  • Take the Ohio CNWACO Certification Test

Frequently Asked Questions 

I am an employee of a company. Do I need my own Commercial Nuisance Wild Animal Control Operator license?
No, but you must be certified or work under on-site supervision of a certified employee. On-site supervision shall be while staying within a distance from the person that enables uninterrupted, unaided visual and auditory communications.

I did not pass the test the first time I took it. Can I take the test again? And will I be penalized for taking it multiple times?
Yes, you may retake the test as many times as you need. There is no penalty for taking it more than once.

Do I need to take the certification test before I submit my permit application?
No, you may send in your application at any time. All that is required with the application is the $40 annual fee.

I passed my certification test, but I was not able to print my certificate. What do I do?
We can print your certificate for you if necessary. Please call (614) 265-6439 with your request. Be sure to provide your mailing address.

Can I save a copy of my certificate to my computer?
Yes, you can save your certificate as a pdf. Doing so will give you the ability to print it at any time.