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Scientific Collecting - Wild Animals

Collection of wild animals in Ohio that would otherwise be prohibited requires a scientific collecting or education permit. Scientific collecting permits are primarily for survey and inventory of wildlife species that are protected, being collected during the closed hunting or trapping season, collected in excess of daily bag limits or collected with devices or techniques otherwise prohibited.

Applicants must be directly affiliated with or an appropriate representative from one of the following institutions:

  • A college, university, high school, junior high or elementary school as an educator, researcher, student, masters or doctoral candidate.
  • A public agency, such as federal, state, city of county unit of government, engaged in a wildlife or scientific area of study or research.
  • A non-profit educational or conservation organization that is associated with wildlife or scientific area of study or research.
  • A scientific research organization or bona fide environmental consulting firm performing wildlife related work for a third party.

Applicants who are not directly affiliated with an institution listed above must provide the following information to verify qualification for a permit:

  • Personal qualifications to perform the activity.
  • Specific purpose necessary to perform the activity.
  • The location(s) where collected specimens will be maintained. Name and address of the facility to be used as a repository for voucher specimens.

*A project that will include the collection or possession of migratory birds, eggs, nest, parts, or the collection of protected species, may require a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in addition to a state permit.

Possession of a scientific collecting permit does not constitute permission to collect on Division of Wildlife owned or controlled properties. Special regulations prohibit collection of wild animals and plants from wildlife areas without the permission of the Chief of the Division of Wildlife. Those wishing to conduct activities on wildlife areas must first request to do so in writing to the Division of Wildlife. In your request, you must list specifically what benefit your activity has to wildlife.

To obtain copies of the application, contact the nearest Division of Wildlife District Office or the Division of Wildlife, Permit Coordinator.