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Education Permit - Wildlife

Qualified educators who hold an education permit may possess dead wild animal parts, nests, eggs, mounts or study skins and live wild animals for educational programming or display.

Applicants must be directly affiliated with, or an appropriate representative from one of the following institutions:

  • A college, university, high school, junior high or elementary school as an educator.
  • A public agency, such as federal, state, city or county unit of government, performing wildlife education.
  • An educational or conservation organization, museum or zoological garden that displays or performs wildlife education.
  • A licensed Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitator who has permanent resident wildlife used for educational activities.

Applicants not directly affiliated with an institution listed must provide the following information to verify qualification for a permit:

  • Personal qualifications to perform this activity.
  • Specific purpose necessary for you to perform this activity.
  • The location(s) where collected specimens will be maintained. Name and address of the facility to be used as a repository for voucher specimens.

*A project that will include the collection or possession of migratory birds, eggs, nest, parts, or the collection of protected species, may require a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in addition to a state permit.