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Special Event / Use - State Forest

Special events and activities held on a state forest often require a waiver of specific rules. The chief of the division has to approve these activities. Filling out and sending in this permit begins the process. 

Examples of when to use this permit:

  • Placing a geocache
  • Race or competition
  • Any activity that requires a road closure or crowd control
  • Any events with an entry fee

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. No event shall be advertised or publicized in any way prior to the issuance of a permit. Failure to comply with this condition shall be just cause for denying the permit.

The applicant must coordinate detailed arrangements with the Forest Manager, who may add conditions on the permit to protect public health and safety or forest property.

A fee (amount determined by the chief) may be required if, in the opinion of the Division, costs or damages may result from the event/activity, or to ensure compliance with permit conditions. All or a portion of the bond may be returned upon the satisfactory conclusion and evaluation of the event.

Special use permits, unless specified, do not grant the applicants any exclusive rights over the general public for use of state forest areas. Unless otherwise specified, all laws and Division rules shall be in effect.

For public events or activities where a fee is charged for participation, and which involve some risk of accident or injury to said participants (such as in road rallies, motorcycle enduros, competitive bridle trail rides, etc.), the applicant shall be required to obtain comprehensive general public liability insurance naming the State of Ohio as additional insured. The minimum acceptable coverage amount is $500,000.  Participants in all events at which a fee is charged for participation must sign a waiver of liability form. The waiver may be incorporated in the sponsor’s registration form and additional parties named as insureds as long as no language is deleted from the approved Division waiver.

Request for military training activities should include details on type of exercise and number and type of vehicles or aircraft involved. Firing of blanks or ammunition of any kind is prohibited.

Approval or denial of a special use permit application will be completed within 30 days of receiving a complete application. 

Please mail the signed, completed application to the appropriate state forest for review.