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Report an Earthquake

Did You Feel an Earthquake?

Reporting an Earthquake

  • Click here or click the "Submit a Felt Report" box on this page to access the U.S. Geological Survey "Did You Feel It" web page and submit your report.
  • Even if a large number of reports have already been submitted for an event, please submit your report. Each new report adds to the database and helps confirm the intensity and felt area of an earthquake.
  • Your individual report will be used only for purposes of scientific analysis and your confidentiality will be maintained. We sincerely thank you for your participation.

What Happens with Your Report?

  • OhioSeis works closely with the U.S. Geological Survey on earthquakes that occur in and near Ohio.
  • Your observations of what you felt during an earthquake in Ohio are immediately forwarded to OhioSeis.
  • We use these data to determine the severity of earthquakes and pass this information to emergency officials of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.
  • In follow-up analyses, we may use felt reports to determine the amount of shaking that occurred at a location and then correlate this observation to the type of surficial sediment present in the area.

Should You Make an Earthquake Report When You Are Not Sure?

Do not hesitate to report minor shaking that you think might have been an earthquake, even if there have been no news reports of an earthquake. Very small earthquakes (2.0–3.0 magnitude) are commonly felt as a brief jolt or shake only in a small area near the epicenter. Many people do not immediately recognize these events as earthquakes and do not report them to local officials or media.

OhioSeis will examine seismograms from one or more of the seismograph stations across the state and determine if an earthquake was recorded at the time noted on your submitted form. Genuine seismic events will be posted on the OhioSeis website.

By convention, neither OhioSeis nor the U.S. Geological Survey can respond via e-mail to individual report submissions. If you have a specific question regarding a possible Ohio earthquake, please e-mail: ohioseis@dnr.state.oh.us.