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Natural Lakes in Ohio

Punderson Lake is the 12th largest natural lake in Ohio.

In 1991  in response to frequent inquiries  ODNR Division of Water compiled a list of Ohio's natural lakes. To do so, the division had to define the bodies of water that fit the term "lake." For purposes of the report, a lake is a body of water deep enough to stratify thermally and with adequate fetch (distance across) to create wave action.  They also attempted to clarify the term "natural"  as many originally natural bodies of water in Ohio have been altered. 

Ultimately they filtered data from their publication "Inventory of Ohio's Lakes (1980)" which cataloged bodies of water larger than 5 acres and included the locations, names (if known) and size of these natural lakes in their final report, "Natural Lakes in Ohio."


There are 110 natural lakes in Ohio larger than five acres, covering a total surface area of 4,658 acres. These lakes occur in 21 of Ohio's 88 counties. Summit County has the most lakes with 34, followed by Portage County with 16 and Geauga County with 9. Portage County has the largest area covered by natural lakes with 1,493 acres, followed by Summit County with 1,216 acres and Stark County with 452 acres.

Here are the 20 largest natural lakes in Ohio:

1. Aurora Pond, Portage County - 345 acres
2. Chippewa Lake, Medina County - 324 acres
3. Turkeyfoot Lake, Summit County - 318 acres
4. Wingfoot Lake, Portage County - 262 acres
5. Congress Lake, Stark County - 200 acres
6. Springfield Lake, Summit County - 200 acres
7. Lake Hodgson, Portage County - 190 acres
8. Lake Pippen, Portage County - 143 acres
9. Meyers Lake, Stark County - 134 acres
10. Bass Lake, Geauga County - 128 acres
11. Odell Lake, Holmes County - 107 acres
12. Punderson Lake, Geauga County - 101 acres
13. Summit Lake, Summit County - 100 acres
14. Nettle Lake, Williams County - 94 acres
15. West Twin Lake, Portage County - 91 acres
16. Silver Lake, Summit County - 91 acres
17. Sandy Lake, Portage County - 90 acres
18. Sippo Lake, Stark County - 88 acres
19. Muzzy Lake, Portage County - 82 acres
20. Lake Nesmith, Summit County - 80 acres