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Blackjack Oak

Blackjack Oak (Quercus marilandica)

STATE STATUS: Potentially Threatened

FAMILY: Fagaceae 
DESCRIPTION: Deciduous tree to 10 m.; flowers May; fruits September- October.  
SIMILAR SPECIES: Quercus marilandica can generally be distinguished from other similar members of the red oak group by its broadly obovate, obscurely lobed leaves with a rusty tomentose pubescence. However, since leaf-shape in this species is extremely variable, the mature acorns are the most reliable means of determination.  
TOTAL RANGE: S. NY to s. IA, s. to FL and TX.  
STATE RANGE:  Post-1990 records are from Adams, Lawrence, Pike, and Scioto counties.    
HABITAT: On dry, sterile, usually sandy soil in open upland woods and barrens.  

THREATS: Overgrowth by taller woody species through succession; logging.  
RECOVERY POTENTIAL: Presumed good if planted in its native habitat.  
INVENTORY GUIDELINES: This species can be identified in vegetative condition, but specimens with mature acorns are preferable.  
COMMENTS: This is a fairly distinctive tree that is unlikely to be overlooked. It should be sought throughout south-central Ohio.  
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