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Sessile Trillium

Sessile Trillium (Trillium sessile)

FAMILY: Melanthiaceae

FLOWERING PERIOD: Early April (late March) to mid May

DESCRIPTION: Perennial, low-statured trillium, often only 6-8 inches high. Whorl of three leaves at summit, these sessile. Maroon (rarely pale yellow) flowers with petals stiffly erect.

DISTRIBUTION: Statewide, undoubtedly in every county.

HABITAT: In all manner of wooded habitats, even fairly disturbed situations.

NOTES: Sessile or toad-shade trillium is quite distinct among Ohio trilliums with its strange upright petals, small stature, and highly mottled leaves. The only species that suggests it is the much larger prairie wake-robin, T. recurvatum, which is rare and only known from Auglaize, Clermont and Hamilton counties. Occasional yellow-flowered variants suggest the southern yellow wake-robin, T. luteum, but this species gets no closer to Ohio than central Kentucky.