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Capital Improvement Opportunities

For professional service consultants and contractors. Bids and opportunities from ODNR Division of Engineering

The Capital Improvement Program is the primary mechanism by which the Ohio Department of Natural Resources develops, rehabilitates, improves, and expands its lands, facilities and associated physical resources to meet the needs of both its operating Divisions and the general public who use and enjoy them.

Under the authorities granted in Chapter 1501 of the Ohio Revised Code, the ODNR is authorized to enter into contracts with professional consulting firms for planning, design, and construction administration observation on capital improvement projects. This same authority also authorizes the ODNR to competitively bid, execute, and administer construction contracts for these projects. Consultant firms or contractors wishing to learn more about opportunities for the design and construction of capital improvement projects for the ODNR can review basic information about current projects in one of the two categories indicated below.

Requests for Professional Services     Contractor Bids Requested

Upcoming Opportunities

Project RFQ Posting Estimated Project Cost
Statewide Restrooms and Showerhouses 1Q 2023 $26,000,000
Statewide Electrical Infrastructure Improvements 1Q 2023 $6,000,000
Statewide W/WW Improvements 1Q 2023 $21,000,000
Shoreline Improvements (Lake Erie) 1Q 2023 $4,000,000
Statewide Dams - Assessments & Improvements 1Q 2023 $9,000,000
Statewide Roadway & Bridges 3Q 2023 $9,000,000
Embankment Stabilization Project 3Q 2023 $5,000,000

NOTE: Budget, schedule, and other factors will impact the final postings. Please review the OFCC opportunities page for current postings.

Current Bids