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Ohio Forest Action Plan

The Statewide Forest Action Plans collectively represent the strategic plan for the nation’s forests. They are required by the 2008 Farm Bill (and re-authorized in the 2014 Farm Bill) for states to be eligible to receive funding through the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act.

The scope of the Ohio Forest Action Plan includes all forests in Ohio: rural, urban, public and private. It is composed of two documents. The Forest Resource Assessment is an in-depth analysis of forest conditions and trends and identifies key issues and priorities for Ohio’s forests. The Forest Resource Strategy outlines objectives and strategies to address the issues and priorities identified in the Forest Resource Assessment.

A 10-year update of Ohio’s Forest Action Plan was completed in 2020. This effort was led by the ODNR Division of Forestry, but involved significant input from key partner agencies and organizations, as well as the public and interested stakeholders, via an online survey and five public meetings held around the state in January and February 2020.

The six key issues identified for Ohio’s forests are:

  1. Sustainable forest management on all forest lands
  2. Public benefits from Ohio’s forests
  3. Conservation of soil and water resources
  4. Conservation of biological diversity
  5. Threats to forest health
  6. Forest fragmentation, parcelization, and loss