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Holiday Symbols of ODNR

An evergreen tree strung with twinkling lights, mistletoe hung from the door frame, and the reindeer that guide Santa’s sleigh - you may not know it, but all of these things have some connection to the Buckeye State. Experts with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) have connected the dots to help bring theses holiday symbols home.


  • Do reindeer live in Ohio?
  • Are Christmas trees grown here?
  • Can birders spot turtle doves in Ohio?
  • What kind of swans might you see ‘a swimming’ nearby?
  • Where in Ohio can you find mistletoe?


Reindeer and Deer

The Ohio Division of Wildlife's Meredith Gilbert talks about the differences between reindeer (not native to Ohio) and their cousins, the white-tailed deer — Ohio's State Mammal.



Christmas Trees

ODNR Division of Forestry's Steve McGinnis provides a brief explanation behind the history of Christmas trees and the different species that are often used for this traditional holiday decoration.




The Ohio Division of Wildlife's Meredith Gilbert explains the differences between the various species of swans that can be found 'a swimming' in Ohio.




The Ohio Division of Wildlife's Brian Plasters describes the difference between doves found in Ohio and those turtle doves you hear about during the holidays.




Did you know that Ohio is actually home to a plant that is popular during the holiday season? Check out this video from staff in our Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves about this parasitic plant - mistletoe.