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Report a Mining Emergency

Emergency Notification

Abandoned Mine Land

For any hazard that may be life-threatening, including sink holes or subsidence, call 911.

Abandoned mine land (AML) emergencies are hazards that occur suddenly and present an immediate threat to public health, safety or general welfare. They are caused by abandoned underground or surface coal mines and need immediate attention.

Emergency problems may include:

  • open subsidence, portals or shafts
  • subsidence that has damaged occupied structures
  • landslides that are blocking roadways or streams or are damaging structures
  • coal waste fires or underground mine fires near houses, roadways or populated areas

Report AML emergency events to:

Mike Bowden (614) 265-6790

What to Report:

  • your name, telephone number, address, county, township, and a description of the problem
  • directions to the problem site, and the name and telephone number of any other person(s) who is knowledgeable about the emergency problem

Optional Information:

  • when the event occurred
  • if any other events have occurred in this area
  • if any other agencies have been contacted

Non-emergency AML Problems

For any AML event that is of concern but does not pose an immediate threat, report problem to:

Abandoned Mine Land Program

Mike Bowden (614) 265-6790

The Abandoned Mine Land Program can only fix hazards caused by mines that were abandoned prior to August 3, 1977; between August 4, 1977 and August 16, 1982 where performance security is not sufficient to provide for adequate reclamation; or between August 4, 1977 and November 5, 1990 where the surety of the mining operator became insolvent and no money was available from the proceedings to provide for adequate reclamation. Hazards from active mines or mining that occurred after the above time periods do not qualify under the AML program but can be reported to the nearest Division of Mineral Resources Management regional office: Mining Inspectors & Offices.

Mine Operator Only

In the event of a serious mine emergency, serious accident, fatality, or when in need of a mine rescue team:

Ohio Emergency Operations Center (Ohio EOC) - (614) 799-9538

Mine/Miner Emergency & MSHA Notification

Any required Notification to MSHA requires simultaneous notification to the State Mine Safety Program. Some events/incidents may not be emergencies but notification is still required in certain situations as listed in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Non-emergency Mine Notifications

Howard Dyer, Manager, Ohio Mine Safety Program
Division of Mineral Resources Management
(740) 412-1226 work cell 
(740) 491-7920 personal cell

Mine Safety Training Center
43024 Industrial Park Road Cadiz, OH 43907

(740) 942-9150

Russell Byers, (Underground) Mine Safety Supervisor; Ohio Mine Safety Program
Division of Mineral Resources Management
(740) 491-2725 work cell
(740) 491-0194 personal cell

Michael Doane, (Surface) Mine Safety Supervisor, Ohio Mine Safety Program
Division of Mineral Resources Management
(740) 491-4187 work cell
(740) 491-2906 personal cell

Industrial Minerals or Coal Mining Emergencies