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ODNR Provides Weekly Update on Efforts to Combat Indian Lake Vegetation - August 2

ODNR Provides Weekly Update on Efforts to Combat Indian Lake Vegetation - August 2

LAKEVIEW, Ohio –The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is providing an update on the ongoing effort to combat the unprecedented aquatic vegetation growth that has impacted boating on Indian Lake. In preparation for two upcoming special events in August, ODNR is focusing harvesters on the west side of the lake and announcing the reopening of the herbicide application test area to boaters.

The herbicide application has killed the Eurasian watermilfoil as expected and boaters may now use the test area of the lake again. Because this herbicide has not been used in Indian Lake before, ODNR and Aqua Doc continue to monitor the effects of the herbicide application in the test area of Indian Lake. Data gathered in the past week shows oxygen levels are still adequate and the dying vegetation is not negatively impacting the lake’s ecosystem. Nutrient levels were also collected, and results are expected to be returned this week. Aqua Doc will continue to take samples of the lake in the herbicide application area to monitor oxygen and nutrient levels. This is critical data needed to develop the comprehensive lake vegetation management plan.

ODNR encourages residents and guests to enjoy the upcoming events and reminds boaters:

  • If you experience engine problems on the water, power off your motor before removing vegetation that may be stuck;
  • Remove all plant material, drain, and dry your boat and gear before changing boating locations; and
  • Always wear your life vest when you are on the water.

ODNR has three dedicated aquatic vegetation harvesters running at Indian Lake during the 2022 season and hired three private companies to operate harvesters. There was a total of seven harvesters running the week of July 25 - 29. 

Weekly updates from July 25 - 29 include:

  • Aquatic harvesters removed 5,007 cubic yards of vegetation near the state park campground, South and West Bank, Pony Island, Turkeyfoot, Ewing, Long Island, Blue Heron, Moundwood, Old Field Beach, Wolf Island, Tecumseh Island, and Blackhawk.
  • Scout dredge removed 3,562 cubic yards of sediment from the nature preserve area.
  • Harvesters have moved to Chippewa and the north side of the lake. Priority harvesting will take place near Old Field Beach and the Blackhawk area in preparation for the upcoming August special events.
  • Residents are reminded that aquatic spraying may be conducted only by approved companies, including Aqua Doc and Aquatics Plus Pond Management. The approved private aquatic vegetation harvesting companies are Burrey Aquatic Restoration and Shoreline Construction. 
  • Two aquatic vegetation drop-off sites are available for residents to deposit aquatic vegetation removed from private docks. Sites include the gravel pull-off parking lot by Moundwood Marina located off State Route 368 on the east side of Moundwood Boat Ramp Entrance and the helipad parking lot on the south east corner (large parking lot located off State Route 366 near Artist Island, between Russells Point and the Spillway). 

Weekly plans, photos and videos, and operational reports of vegetation removal will be posted on the Indian Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management page on ODNR's website and on the Indian Lake State Park Facebook page. Signage has been placed placed throughout the park to provide direct links to vegetation removal information.

ODNR continues to work with Aqua Doc, a lake and pond management company, to determine the current vegetation community, analyze the effectiveness of current methods for vegetation control, and develop a lake vegetation management plan to address maintaining overall water quality and recreational use of the system.

ODNR encourages residents to contact the department with questions regarding ongoing action and to share stakeholder feedback. Please contact ODNR staff by emailing Indian.lake.parks@dnr.ohio.gov.

ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR website at ohiodnr.gov