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Public Records Access

ODNR is a big department, and we have a lot of public records. We’re more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for, and we will work as fast as possible to fulfill your request. Please feel free to send us an email.

For more details on public records laws, please review the information below.

Public Records Laws

Ohio’s Public Records Law is found at Ohio Revised Code § 149.43. Under the law, ODNR will make copies of public records available to the requester within a reasonable period of time, at a cost of $0.05 per page. There is no fee for viewing, faxing, or emailing records. In addition, public records may be made available for inspection by appointment during regular posted business hours. All records will remain in the possession of ODNR and copies will be made by an ODNR staff member. 

  • Some records may contain information that must be redacted pursuant to ORC Chapters 149 and 1347. We will provide reasons for any redaction at the time of the inspection or at the time the copies are provided. 

In addition to email, you may also mail your request to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, 2045 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43229, ATTN:  Public Records Officer. You may also call (614) 265-6565.

Record Retention Schedules

Department specific and general statewide retention schedules can be found on the State of Ohio Records Management website (see instructions below). The retention schedules provide information on the types of records maintained by the Department’s Divisions and Offices and may assist you in creating a public records request.

Searching Retention Schedules

To search ODNR specific or general retention schedules on the Records Management website, be sure to select "DNR — Natural Resources" as the Agency, and then you can refine results by selecting the Division or Office you are seeking schedules for. Be sure to click "search" each time you make a selection.

  • Use keywords to assist in your search.
  • View the details of a schedule by clicking the icon in the "Action" column. 

Screen capture image of the Ohio Records management Website

Search ODNR Specific Schedules

Search general statewide schedules