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Environmental Review

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) can complete an Environmental Review (ER) of your project and provide comments related to our divisional programs and statutory authorities.

The Office of Real Estate - Environmental Review Services Section is responsible for coordinating and facilitating environmental reviews and comment response letters generated by the ER. For many projects, demonstrating coordination with ODNR is a requirement that must be fulfilled to secure funding, licensing, or permitting, at both the state and federal level. Coordination letters that are prepared through ODNR’s ER Program are done so under the authority of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act (FWCA), the Clean Water Act (CWA), the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA), and other applicable laws and regulations.

An ER represents coordination with ODNR and fulfills the necessary obligations. The comments are also based on ODNR’s experience as the state natural resource management agency and do not supersede or replace the regulatory authority of any local, state, or federal agency nor relieve the applicant of the obligation to comply with any local, state or federal laws or regulations. If your project requires coordination with ODNR under these acts, please submit the below information (under What to Submit) for a full ER. Natural Heritage Database records are included as part of the environmental review comments.


What To Submit

Please submit the following for the most complete Environmental Review:

  1. A cover letter with a detailed description of the proposed work, location data including latitude and longitude of project area, site address, and county
    • Site location - County, Township and/or latitude and longitude
    • Proposed work
    • Onsite habitats - including the size, location, and quality of streams, wetlands, forest, and other natural areas (when available)
    • Proposed impacts (e.g. is in-water work necessary? Is tree clearing necessary?)
    • Proposed Best Management Practices
  2. Maps that delineate the area of impact or work area
    • Topographic
    • Aerial
    • Site plans
  3. Photographs representative of the site (when available)
  4. Shapefiles, KMZ files (when available)

How / Where to Submit

Submit all Environmental Review requests (with appropriate information and attachments as described in What to Submit for an Environmental Review) to the following email address: environmentalreviewrequest@dnr.ohio.gov.

You will receive an automated email from this mailbox notifying you that your request has been received.  We aim to provide a completed Environmental Review comment letter within 45-60 calendar days, however, during periods of high volume or other extenuating circumstances, it may be longer.  Hard copy submittals will not be accepted.  

Any information provided to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources constitutes a public record subject to disclosure.

Ohio Natural Heritage Database

The Division of Wildlife (DOW) is responsible for fulfilling Ohio Natural Heritage Database (NHD) requests. NHD requests will be fulfilled for projects that meet one of the four following criteria. If your project meets one of these four criteria, please complete the Natural Heritage Data Request form and submit to NHDRequest@dnr.ohio.gov.

  • Consultant prepared reports for ODOT projects
  • Completion of OEPA’s “Ohio Rapid Assessment Method for Wetlands” form
  • Academic research projects
  • Other non-development/non-construction projects (justification required)

If your project does not meet one of the four criteria making it eligible for a NHD request, and you are not required, or do not wish to coordinate with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) through the Environmental Review process, please refer to the State Listed Wildlife Species by County and the State Listed Wildlife and Plant Species By County. These lists will identify all state listed species that have the potential to be present within a county of interest and subsequently at a project site within that county. These lists can be used as a cursory look and provide direction as to what type of species assessments should be done at a project site.

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