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Stream Management Guides

These guides cover a variety of watershed and stream management issues and methods of addressing stream-related problems. The first several guides present broad-based information and should be used in conjunction with those guides that provide details about specific management practices. Input from staff of several ODNR divisions and from local, state and federal agencies was used in the development of these guides. Funding for the production of the Ohio Stream Management Guides was provided in part through a federal grant under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act, Project #95 (h) EPA-2.

Guide 01 An Introduction to Stream Management Guide 13 Forested Buffer Strips
Guide 02 Who Owns Ohio's Streams Guide 14 Live Fascines
Guide 03 Natural Stream Processes Guide 15 Gabion Revetments
Guide 05 Index of Titles Guide 16 Riprap Revetments
Guide 06 Permit Checklist for Stream Modification Projects Guide 17 Live Cribwalls
Guide 07 Restoring Streambanks with Vegetation Guide 18 Stream Debris and Obstruction Removal
Guide 08 Trees for Ditches Guide 19 Deflectors
Guide 09 A Stream Management Model Guide 20 Eddy Rocks
Guide 10 Biotechnical Project in Ohio Guide 21 Large Woody Debris in Streams
Guide 11 Tree Kickers Guide 22 Gravel Rifles
Guide 12 Evergreen Revetments