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Dock Lotteries at Ohio State Parks

The lottery process is being made consistent for all state parks with docks available for seasonal lease.

  • The lottery application period opens October 1 and closes October 31. 
  • Not every park requires a lottery. See the Parks with Docks list below.
  • The links to the online lotteries are below in the Parks with Docks list.
  • Drawing results will be posted online mid-November.
  • Winners will receive a contract in the spring that may be renewed annually for up to five years.
  • Existing dock holder contracts are sent in February and should paid in full by March 31. Docks that are not renewed will be filled from the alternate list.

Rules for Leased Docks

  • Customers will not be allowed to select a dock that is too small for their boat, per the dock plans.
  • A dock contract is for the designated boat only. If a dock holder purchases a new boat (same size) the dock holder must contact the park office to update the information.
  • Dock holder cannot sublease the dock or include the dock with the sale of the boat.
  • The dock holder must be the owner of the boat and the primary user of the dock.
  • No other person is permitted to use the dock while dock holder is not using the dock.
  • Violations of these contract rules will result in termination of the dock contract.
  • Each year dock holder must sign a new contract, and dock holder must have a current boat and customer information on file.

Dock Lottery - New Procedure (2022)

All parks holding lotteries will use the online process.

  • The online form must be filled out completely by a boat owner.
  • You may apply for more than one park lottery.
  • You may enter a park's lottery only once per boat OR owner OR household.
    • A boat CANNOT be entered more than once at a park, even if there is more than one owner.
    • Even if an owner has more than one boat, they may not apply for more than one dock lottery at the same park.
    • If a boat is entered more than once for a park, or an owner's name appears on more than one boat entered at that park, the application will be disqualified.

You will be required to upload a copy of the boat's registration AND the boat title when you apply.

  • The boat registration must be current at time of application.
  • The title must be in the applicant’s name.
  • For recent boat purchases: If you do not have a title, a bill of sale with purchase date within 30 days of the application date can be submitted instead of the boat title. 
  • For boats that do not require a title: Upload your boat registration (again) in its place.
  • You will be required to enter your boat's exact length in Feet and Inches. If the dock lottery you enter is for a dock that cannot accommodate your boat's length, the entry will be disqualified.

You will be required to enter your Golden Buckeye Card Number if you plan to take advantage of that discount.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you submit your entry.

Current dock holders may apply for the lottery in the last year of their contract. Otherwise, the dock holder will need to cancel the current contract.

The drawings will be managed by each park individually. Contact the park directly if you need to withdraw or change contact information in your entry.

If you cannot enter the lottery via the online application, contact the park directly for instruction.


  • The lottery application period opens October 1 and closes October 31.
  • All lottery drawings will be held the second week in November.
  • The winners and alternates will be posted online by November 15.
  • Lottery winners will receive an email and letter after the first of the year, notifying them of an administrative meeting where new dock holders will select their dock slip.
  • The alternates will be retained for one year to fill any cancelled contracts.

Parks with Docks  Links to the Lotteries

The following parks have or anticipate having docks available for the 2023 season.
Applications will open be October 1 through October 31, 2022. 

The maximum length of boat that can be accommodated is the dock length unless otherwise indicated. Prices are subject to change.

Alum Creek Dock Lottery  (740) 548-4631
Mooring Ball (no length limit) - cost is $445
24' (boats up to 24'0") - cost is $1,280 with electric and water or $1,080 without 
28' (boats from 24'1" to 28'0") - cost is $1,460 with electric and water or $1,260 without 
32' (boats from 28'1" to 32'0") - cost is $1,640 with electric and water or $1,440 without 
Customers at Alum Creek have the option of entering the Mooring Ball lottery as well as a dock lottery. Winners who choose to enter both lotteries will need to choose one option (either a mooring ball OR a dock) at the February meeting for new dock lease holders.

Buck Creek Dock Lottery  (937) 322-5284
16' (boats up to 18'0") - cost is $464   
20' (boats up to 21'0") - cost is $580
22' (boats up to 24'0") - cost is $638
24' (boats up to 28'0") - cost is $696

Buckeye Lake Dock Lottery — (740) 527-4008
— 24' at Fairfield Beach - cost is $650

Burr Oak Dock Lottery  (740) 767-3570
24' docks; a few docks can accommodate boats up to 28" -  cost is $200

Caesar Creek Dock Lottery  (513) 897-3055
20' (boats up to 24'0") - cost is $900
 28' with electric and water - cost is $1,460
 36' with electric and water - cost is $1,820

Delaware Dock Lottery   (740) 548-4631
 16' at South West - cost is $325
— 24' at Delaware Marina - cost is $700
— 28' at Delaware Marina - cost is $825

Dillon Dock Lottery   (740) 453-4377
— 20' - cost is $275
— 24' - cost is $315

Guilford Lake Dock Lottery — (330) 222-1712
— 20' (boats up to 24'0") - cost is $225

Indian Lake Dock Lottery  (937) 843-2717
20' (boats up to 24'0") at Blackhawk, Chippewa or Moundwood Marinas - cost is $500

Lake Milton Dock Lottery  (330) 235-0030
20' (boats up to 22'0") - cost is $600
 24' (boats up to 26'0") - cost is $720

Mary Jane Thurston Dock Lottery   (419) 832-7662  
16' - cost is $375
20' - cost is $375
24' - cost is $450
28' - cost is $475

Mosquito Lake Dock Lottery  (330) 637-2856
20' (boats up to 22'6") - cost is $475
 24' (boats 22'6" to 26'0") - cost is $535

Paint Creek Dock Lottery   (937) 393-4284
20' (boats up to 26'0") - cost is $205

Rocky Fork Dock Lottery  (937) 393-4284
 20' (boats up to 26'0") at East Shore cost is $350
20' (boats up to 26'0") at North Beach Marina cost is $350
20' (boats up to 24'0") at Fisherman's Wharf cost is $350 or Campground Docks cost is $300

Salt Fork Dock Lottery (740) 432-1508
All boat lengths are bow to stern.
20' at Salt Fork Marina cost is $460; at Sugartree Marina cost is $520
24' at Salt Fork Marina cost is $550; at Sugartree Marina cost is $620
28' at Salt Fork Marina - cost is $640   
32' with electric at Salt Fork Marina - cost is $1,000   

Shawnee Dock Lottery  (740) 858-6681
28'  - cost is $560
36' with electric and water (boats from 28'1" to 36'0") - cost is $1,116
50' with electric and water (boats from 36'1" to 50'0") - cost is $1,550

West Branch Dock Lottery  (330) 235-0030
20' - cost is $600
24' - cost is $720
28' - cost is $840