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Indian Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management

One of the aquatic vegetation harvesters on Indian Lake

Latest Indian Lake News

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is working to address the unprecedented vegetation growth at Indian Lake.

Follow the Indian Lake Facebook page for regular updates. Weekly operational reports will be posted on this site.

  • ODNR has 7 harvesters dedicated to Indian Lake operating each weekday (Monday through Friday).
  • The ODNR spray boat has been deployed to provide targeted chemical application to mitigate nuisance vegetation.
  • ODNR has hired 12 additional staff to operate harvesters and other support equipment.
  • Commercial aquatic vegetation control services are available for homeowners through AquaDoc and Aquatics Plus Pond Management. Application of chemicals through these companies will be closely monitored by ODNR to prevent overapplication and may be stopped at any time, dependent upon lake conditions.
  • Two aquatic vegetation drop-off sites are available for residents to deposit aquatic vegetation removed from private docks. Sites include:
    • The gravel pull-off parking lot by Moundwood Marina located off State Route 368 on the east side of Moundwood Boat Ramp Entrance, and
    • The southeast corner of the helipad parking lot (large parking lot located off State Route 366 near Artist Island, between Russells Point and the Spillway).
  • Issues with vegetation can be reported by emailing Indian.lake.parks@dnr.ohio.gov.
  • ODNR is working with AquaDoc, a lake and pond management company, to determine the current vegetation community, analyze the effectiveness of current methods for vegetation control, and develop a Lake Vegetation Management Plan to address maintaining overall water quality and recreational use of the system.