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Bedrock Mapping

Bedrock Mapping in Ohio

The ODNR Division of Geological Survey has had a long history of generating bedrock geologic maps for the state of Ohio since it’s inception in 1839. The most recent iteration of the geologic map of Ohio was created by seamlessly piecing together 788 individual 7.5-minute bedrock geologic quadrangles. More information on the geologic mapping of Ohio can be found in the sections below. For more information on the history of bedrock mapping in Ohio visit the Bedrock Geology webpage. 

Bedrock Geology Mapping

​The Bedrock Geologic Map of Ohio (Map BG-1) is a 1:500,000-scale, wall-size map, featuring a mosaic of colors, a correlation chart and descriptions of map units, and a detailed cross section that traces along a line from the Ohio River in Washington County to Bellefontaine (Logan County) to the Ohio-Michigan boundary in Williams County in the northwest corner of the state. For ordering information, please contact the Geologic Records Center

Bedrock Topography Mapping

The ODNR Division of Geological Survey has completed a statewide remapping of Ohio’s buried landscape, which is represented in our Bedrock Topography mapping. This mapping allows one to visualize Ohio’s buried-bedrock landscape as if all the unconsolidated sediments were removed. It illustrates the location of ancient buried drainage systems that are commonly different than modern drainage, as well as the locations of bedrock hills that emerge from the surrounding plains, and the rugged unglaciated terrain of southeastern Ohio.​

Downloadable Maps

The following popular page-size maps are provided as free downloads. For additional maps and other products, please view the Publications Catalog. To order printed maps, please contact the Geologic Records Center

Bedrock Geologic Map of Ohio

Glacial Map of Ohio

Shaded Bedrock Topography Map of Ohio

Shaded Drift Thickness Map of Ohio

Shaded Elevation Map of Ohio 

Interactive Geologic Maps

The ODNR Division of Geological Survey has created an interactive, GIS-based mapping application that allows the user to navigate anywhere in the state and see Ohio’s bedrock geology, even in places where it is covered by hundreds of feet of glacial surficial deposits. The Ohio Geology Interactive Map also includes other datasets, including surficial/glacial geology, geohazards, coal and industrial minerals, and more. Click here to access the Ohio Geology Interactive Map.

For other interactive maps, please visit our Interactive Maps web page. 


GLGMC logoThe Division of Geological Survey's research and mapping of Ohio's glacial materials, karst terrain, and bedrock topography is funded in part through the U.S. Geological Survey via the Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition. The Division has received Coalition funding continuously since 2000. Learn more about the Coalition here.

USGS logoMapping of Ohio's glacial materials, bedrock, and bedrock topography is funded through the STATEMAP component of the U.S. Geological Survey National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program. The Division of Geological Survey has received STATEMAP funding continuously since 1993. Learn more about the STATEMAP program here.