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Industrial Minerals

Ohio's geology is rich with source materials used in numerous industries and in making a variety of everyday products. A robust history of industrial minerals extraction has driven the state's economy since before statehood in 1803. Today, Ohio continues to be a leading producer nationally of several commodities, including limestone, dolomite, sandstone, and conglomerate; sand and gravel; clay and shale; and salt.

The ODNR Division of Geological Survey compiles production and economic data, submitted by the state's industrial mineral operators, to produce the annual Report on Ohio Mineral Industries. The report is available as a free download and includes a map of active operators. 


Downloads for Operators

The most recent edition of the mineral industries report and data are provided here. For historical data and past reports, please contact geologist Chris Wright, (614) 265-6632, Christopher.Wright@dnr.ohio.gov.

Past Reports

Click on any of the years listed below to download the annual Report on Ohio Mineral Industries (pdf) for that year. 

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Historical Data

Click on any of the commodities listed below to download historical data for that commodity (1996–present). Data is also available for each commodity from the most recent report year. 

All commodity data (2021) (xls)

Historical Data

Clay and shale (xls) Coal (xls) Limestone and dolomite (xls)
Salt (xls) Sand and gravel (xls) Sandstone and conglomerate (xls)

Further Reading

Download the publications below to learn more about industrial minerals in Ohio. Or search our Publications Catalog.