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New & Recent Publications

The ODNR Division of Geological Survey is pleased to list here the publications, maps, and other products, such as posters, released in recent months. Some of these products are available for free download from our Publications Catalog. Others may be ordered by contacting the Geologic Records Center. Shipping and tax will be added to all orders.

Our Latest Releases

Geologic Maps

Little Miami River Watershed (Map MG-6)
by Paul Potter, Donovan Powers, Douglas Aden, Dean Martin, & Mike Angle
Scale 1:150,000 (1 inch = 2 miles)

The Little Miami River Watershed map includes a detailed geologic description of the area, including information on how the underlying bedrock and past glacial activity shaped the present-day landscape. The map also includes photographs of various sites within the watershed, including the Little Miami River and several of its tributaries. Intended for a broad audience, the map makes a great educational tool for people with an interest in geology, natural history, or boating or kayaking in southwestern Ohio.

Mapped at a 1:150,000 scale (1 inch = 2 miles), the map is available as a free download here. A high-resolution version of the map is available for purchase as a print-on-demand product.

Price: $15 (add $3.50 for mailing tube)

Reports, Bulletins, & Guidebooks

Guidebook 224 cover

Geologic Guidebook to Ohio State Parks in the Lake Erie Region (Guidebook 24)
by D. Mark Jones
86 p.

Guidebook 24 offers a close examination of the natural history of Lake Erie as revealed by the geologic features easily observed in the State Parks located along its shores and on its islands. The guidebook features nearly 100 color photos and illustrations that tell the story of Ohio’s Great Lake. GB-24 is available for download here. Hard copies are available for purchase by contacting the Geologic Records Center.

Price: $22 (plus tax & shipping)

OFR 2019-1 cover

Quaternary Geology of Clinton County, Ohio (Open-File Report 2019-1)
by T. Andrew Nash
27 p., 1 plate

OFR 2019-1 provides an updated examination of the glacial geology of Clinton County, Ohio. Quaternary Geology of Clinton County, Ohio, includes a high-resolution (1:62,500-scale) map appended to a detailed report of the glacial sediments. Together, the map and report tell the story of multiple advances and retreats of glaciers in Clinton County during the most recent Ice Age. OFR 2019-1 is available for free download here.

Ohio Radiocarbon Report: Radiocarbon Ages from Ohio Surficial Material (Open-File Report 2020-1)
by Melinda C. Higley and Tyler A. Norris
28 p., 6 figs., appendix

OFR 2020-1 presents a compilation of data that reveals the ages of Ohio’s glacial sediments. These ages were determined by radiocarbon dating, and the report encompasses radiocarbon data found in journal articles, dissertations, theses, field trip guides, laboratory reports, and personal files. Radiocarbon dating is vital for piecing together events from the most-recent glaciation that shaped Ohio’s landscape. The newly compiled database will assist current and future geological investigations of glacial and post-glacial sedimentary deposits, as well as those connected to ancestral Lake Erie. OFR 2020-1 is available for free download here.

Subsurface Structure and Isopach Mapping of the Black Hand Member of the Cuyahoga Formation (Open-File Report 2020-2)
by Erika M. Danielsen and Samuel R. W. Hulett
11 p., 9 figs., 2 plates

Open-File Report 2020-2 offers a more detailed look at what is commonly known as the Black Hand Sandstone. While the Black Hand is noted for the striking scenic features it forms in outcrops, understanding its subsurface extent and complexity can be a challenge. The new report examines the Black Hand in the subsurface and reveals how it has been influenced by faults deep in the subsurface. The report includes two new maps depicting its thickness and extents. OFR 2020-2 is available for free download here.

Posters, Educational, & Other Products

Statehouse Fossils booklet cover

Statehouse Fossils: A Guide to Fossils of the Ohio Capitol
by Mark E. Peter
38 p.

This new, full-color booklet highlights the diversity of fossils found in Ohio’s capitol building and grounds. Written by paleontologist Mark Peter, the booklet describes many of the fossils found in the Statehouse walls, floors, and steps. It features numerous color photos and living reconstructions of extinct organisms, beautifully crafted by artist Madison Perry, whose illustrations were used to create the Fossils of the Columbus Limestone poster (see below). The booklet also includes a section for readers to use for a self-guided tour of the Statehouse fossils, as well as tools for documenting the fossils they observe. Statehouse Fossils is available as a free download here (pdf). Printed copies are free and will be made available to visitors at the Ohio Statehouse gift shop. They also can be ordered by contacting the Geologic Records Center. Shipping will be added to all orders.

poster image

Fossils of the Columbus Limestone
Illustrated by Madison Perry

This gorgeous poster features meticulously detailed hand illustrations of fossils found in the Columbus Limestone—a prominent rock unit used to build the Ohio Statehouse. Many of the fossils are represented as both actual specimens and as living reconstructions, depicting what the organisms would have looked like about 400 million years ago, during the Devonian Period. Sized at 22 x 28 inches, the poster is printed on high-quality paper with a matte finish.

Price: $10 (includes a mailing tube)