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Allegation of ODNR Officer Misconduct

This page is for reporting allegations about Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources Wildlife and Natural Resource Officers ONLY.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) law enforcement officers strive to provide excellent customer service while enforcing Ohio’s laws to protect citizens and our natural resources. We are committed to maintaining accountability and the public's trust. If an Ohio Wildlife or Natural Resource officer acted outside the scope of ODNR rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and/or state/federal civil or criminal law, and evidence of misconduct is determined, appropriate administrative or criminal processes will be implemented.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources has an administrative procedure to investigate citizen complaints of WILDLIFE AND NATURAL RESOURCE OFFICERS whether through identified or anonymous sources. You are not required to provide your contact information. However, anonymous complaints are difficult to properly investigate because ODNR cannot follow up to clarify the complaint. The information requested in the form is necessary to ensure a prompt investigation.

Complaints about Ohio Wildlife Officers or Ohio Natural Resource Officers may be filed using one of the following methods:

  • By calling Ohio Dept of Natural Resources at 614-265-6817 or the 24-hour hotline at 614-799-9538
  • By filing a complaint in writing to:
    ATTN: Office of Law Enforcement
    Ohio Dept of Natural Resources
    2045 Morse Road D-2
    Columbus, OH 43229-6693
  • By filing a complaint in person at any public ODNR office or ODNR Office of Law Enforcement in Columbus

NOTE: Any information provided to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is subject to disclosure via public records request.

Making a False Allegation of Peace Officer Misconduct: Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 2921.15, “No person shall knowingly file a complaint against a peace officer that alleges that the peace officer engaged in misconduct in the performance of the officer’s duties if the person knows that the allegation is false.” Whoever violates this provision is guilty of making a false allegation of peace officer misconduct, which is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

File an Online Report  Ohio Natural Resource and Wildlife Officers ONLY