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Oil and Gas Production

Oil and gas operators are required by Ohio law to report production of oil, natural gas, and brine to the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management. Horizontal well production must be provided quarterly while vertical well production is required annually. 

Annual production information may be obtained electronically, by year, beginning in calendar year 1984. Each record has the following fields: production year, county, township, API well number, owner name, well name, well number, oil (1 barrel = 42 US gallons), gas (1 MCF = 1,000 cubic feet of gas), brine (1 barrel = 42 US gallons), days in production, date completed, and the plugging date (if applicable).

Production data is compiled based upon the information provided to us by the oil and gas well owners. Therefore, the Division can neither guarantee the accuracy of the information, nor guarantee that the information set forth herein reflects all of the production of oil and gas that has occurred in a county or year.

Quarterly Production (Horizontal Only)

Please click below to download the production data.

2022 - Third Quarter

2022 - Second Quarter

2022 - First Quarter

2021 - All Quarters

2020 - All Quarters

2019 - All Quarters

Annual Production (All Wells)

Please click below to download either production data or the annual summary.

2021 Production  
2020 Production Annual Summary
2019 Production Annual Summary
2018 Production Annual Summary
2017 Production Annual Summary
2016 Production Annual Summary
2015 Production Annual Summary
2014 Production Annual Summary
2013 Production Annual Summary
2012 Production Annual Summary
2011 Production Annual Summary
2010 Production Annual Summary