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File a Float Plan

A written float plan records where you are going and when you plan to return. It contains information that could prove useful if you do not check in at your estimated time of return. 

Use the list below to write your own. Leave it with a responsible person prior to launching. Remember to contact that person when you return safely. 

Information to Include in a Float Plan 

  • Trip Leader or person who filed float plan (Name, Address, Phone) 
  • Number of Passengers 
  • Passengers (Name, Phone) 
  • Boat (Type, Length, Motor, Color, "OH" Number) 
  • Towing Vehicle (Make/Model, Year, Color, License Plate, Location where it is parked) 
  • Trailer (Make/Model, Color, License Plate, Location where it is parked) 
  • Trip Information (Leaving from where, Date, Time, Activity, Date and Time of Anticipated Stops) 
  • Communication or signal equipment (Type of Radio, Call Number, Cellular Phone, Number, Type of signal devices on board) 
  • Emergency Information (Date and Time you should return, Name and Phone of who to contact if you don't return)