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Swim Safe

Ohio State Parks Swim Safe! beach safety program, begun in 2000, remains focused on its slogan, “Keep an eye on the kids!”

To fully enjoy a safe outing at a park beach, follow these tips:

  1. Check water quality advisories at Ohio Department of Health - BeachGuard before you go.
  2. Swim only in designated areas at the beach or lake.
  3. Use good sense and keep a close watch on young children while they are in the water.
  4. Use the buddy system and designate one member of your party to remain on the beach to watch those who are swimming.
  5. Exercise caution since lakes, unlike pools, may have murky water making it difficult to see drop-offs.
  6. Bring a cell phone to make an emergency call if necessary.
  7. Take regular breaks and relax on the beach.
  8. Leave alcoholic beverages at home when you come to the beach. Swimming and drinking do not mix.