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Trail opportunities abound in Ohio. Recharge your batteries and enjoy the fresh air as you explore one of Ohio's trail gems.

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Ohio is a leader in providing sustainable trails for all users, offering an extraordinary network of world-class recreation and transportation opportunities linking communities, people and places while stimulating economic and social vitality.

Primary Goals of the Ohio Trails Program:

  • Provide a trail experience within 5 miles of every Ohioan
  • Provide a connected multi-use trail network that links every county in Ohio
  • Provide a natural surface hiking trail in each community in Ohio
  • Provide at least two destination quality motorized trail experiences for motorized recreational vehicles with overnight amenities
  • Provide at least four destination quality trails that qualify for the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) EPIC Designation
  • Provide and improve destination quality equestrian trails throughout the state
  •  Increase the total mileage of designated water trails in the state to 1,200 miles

Download the Entire Ohio Trails Vision

Ohio Trails Vision Book


This website is a cooperative effort of the Ohio Trails Partnership, a user group collaboration working to develop and maintain Ohio’s non-motorized trail system. The content of this website is managed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


With thousands of miles of trails, Ohio offers nearly endless opportunities to explore the outdoors.

Let the new DETOUR app prepare you for every twist and turn of the trail with useful, authoritative information that gets you there and back again! 

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