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Dupont Marsh State Nature Preserve


DuPont Marsh was made possible by a gift from the DuPont Chemical Company to the Ohio Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, which in turn donated the preserve to the division in 1980. Most of the preserve consists of a marsh situated along the edge of the Huron River. The vegetation varies with the depth of the river; pondweeds and water-milfoil being in the deepest areas, with burreed, cattail and spatter-dock occurring closer to shore. Other interesting species include water-dock and pickerel-weed.

One of the most significant species occurring in the marsh is leafy blue flag, a state endangered plant. Few river marshes still remain anywhere in Ohio along the streams flowing into Lake Erie. DuPont Marsh plays an important role in the life history and nutrition of Lake Erie fish and waterfowl. The higher ground adjacent to the marsh was formerly pasture and farmland. These areas are now occupied by typical old-field vegetation, such as hawthorn and locust.

DuPont Marsh State Nature Preserve is leased to Erie MetroParks.


0.6 miles of hiking trails


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