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Erie Sand Barrens State Nature Preserve


Erie Sand Barrens is situated in the sandy beach ridges of glacial Lake Warren, a predecessor to modern Lake Erie. Because of past intensive agricultural activities, the flora of this preserve is not very diverse. Nevertheless, many state-listed species still remain. The sandy soil of the preserve is well-drained and plants which survive here are adapted to its dry conditions.

On the highest, driest ridges and knolls, prairie plants including green milkweed, partridge-pea and sand panic grass thrive. Wet depressions between the rises hold wet sedge meadow communities where plants more commonly found along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts occur. These include lance-leaved violet, Virginia meadow-beauty, twisted yellow-eyed grass and least St. John's-wort.

  • Open 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
  • Stay on designated trails
  • Pets are not permitted
  • No public restrooms


1 mile of trails


Call: 911



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