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Historic Punderson Manor

Historic Site #17

Punderson Manor Lodge is an English Tudor-style estate located near one of Ohio's largest Amish settlements. Both Punderson State Park and the Manor House take their names from Lemuel Punderson, Newbury Township's first permanent settler in 1808. 

Lemuel Punderson was a young enterprising land agent. Punderson constructed a small dam on the south side of the "big pond," one of Ohio's natural kettle lakes. He used the outflowing water as the power source for a grist mill. The Punderson family developed a small estate, and their home became a popular gathering place for family and friends.

Around 1900, the Cleveland/Coppedge families acquired 500 acres of land around Punderson Lake and built a large home where the Manor House now stands, known as Lakefield Farms. With the interurban railroad providing access to the property, the area surrounding Punderson Lake developed into a quiet resort offering a getaway from the bustling city of Cleveland. Summer cottages and the Wales Hotel were built on the eastern hills surrounding the lake. 

After World War I, the farm became too costly to run, and Dr. Coppedge sold the property to Detroit millionaire Karl Long in the late 1920s. Karl Long began construction of the English Tudor-style mansion we know today as Punderson Manor Lodge. After spending $250,000, Karl Long defaulted on his mortgage and abandoned the project. 

The property then reverted to the Cleveland/Coppedge families. For a short time, the property operated as a summer camp, Lakefield Camp. However, eventually, the financial burden of the property became too much. In 1948, the rights of the land were sold to the State of Ohio. The State completely remodeled and finished the Manor originally started by Karl Long. The Manor was officially open to the public on November 15, 1956, 27 years after construction began.

Punderson Manor Lodge is available for vacation rentals, dining, and business retreats. Additionally, special events are held, including haunted history tours, boardwalk hikes, and more. These are extraordinary times not only to see the Manor but have interpretation by event staff.  


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