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Hoover Reservoir Fishing Area

Hoover Reservoir Fishing Area 

Hoover Reservoir is in Delaware and Franklin counties, just northeast of Westerville and about 10 miles northeast of downtown Columbus. The lake is accessible off Interstate 270 using Sunbury Road.

Hoover Reservoir is attractive to anglers throughout central Ohio due to its 10 horsepower outboard motor limit, which produces a serene setting for fishing. The city of Columbus operates and maintains parking lots, boat ramps and docks, and picnic areas.


Hoover Reservoir was constructed as a water supply facility by the city of Columbus in 1955. Today, 2,818 acres of water are impounded behind Hoover Dam. Due to the rapid development of the metropolitan area around Columbus, use of water from Hoover Reservoir has increased dramatically. Today, it is not uncommon to see drawdowns of 5 feet or more during the summer. A water pipeline from Alum Creek Lake is also used to supplement the water supply in Hoover Reservoir when demand gets high.

Fishing Forecast

Hoover Reservoir is home to a wide diversity of sport fishes that are commonly targeted by anglers. Regarded as one of the best catfishing lakes in the state, it boasts great populations of channel, flathead, and blue catfish. Blue catfish were first stocked in 2011 and have survived and grown very well in the reservoir since then. Growth rates are quite variable but some of the older individuals are already reaching weights of over thirty pounds. The saugeye population has rebounded nicely after several consecutive years with poor survival of stocked fish. Average to above average stocking success since 2017 has led to a robust population with many sizes of fish ranging from 10-20 inches. In addition, Hoover received a stocking of walleye in 2019 for the first time in over thirty years. This is part of a three-year study comparing the survival, growth, and angler catches of walleye and saugeye in Hoover. The reservoir is also known for its great crappie population. Both black and white crappie can be found in large numbers, with trap net surveys showing an even proportion of fish above and below the nine-inch minimum length limit. Good numbers of bluegill are also found in Hoover and typically reach lengths of 7-8 inches. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass inhabit the reservoir, although largemouth are much more abundant. Most bass sampled are between 12-18 inches, but excellent growth rates of both species provide anglers with good opportunities to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass over twenty inches. Hoover also has a large white bass population that can provide great fishing opportunities during their spring spawning run up Big Walnut Creek in the spring or throughout the year when schooled up chasing shad. Many Fish Ohio sized white bass (>14”) are caught by anglers in Hoover every year.

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