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Hosak's Cave

Hosak’s Cave in Salt Fork State Park is a scenic and roomy rock shelter that has undoubtedly protected passers-by from rainy weather for thousands of years. Today’s faithful visitors to Hosak’s Cave can attest that the geologic processes that formed this ancient structure, and others like it, are indeed ongoing. Though there were no eyewitnesses to the event, about two decades ago, a massive chunk of the ceiling gave way and crashed to the floor, changing the face of Hosak’s Cave forever. In one dramatic instant, the exceedingly simple and gradual force of trickling groundwater over thousands of years demonstrated its power to reclaim the very rock it created and transform its own masterpiece. 

The ancient rock monuments we marvel at today seem both timeless and eternal. As we lift our eyes to admire them and step inside to explore, we share an experience with Ohio’s very first human inhabitants. We have preserved them in our parks and natural areas to pass them along as a legacy to future generations. 

But these natural wonders are not permanent. Even the resistant rock layers atop our beloved recess caves and rock shelters must eventually yield to the unstoppable force of erosion. Meanwhile, as long as we have them to inspire us and feed our imaginations, they have the power to transport us back thousands of years in time to the days of Ohio’s untamed wilderness. 

Hosak’s Cave is visible from the Hosak’s Cave Trail, which begins in the parking area on Park Road 29. The trail is a rocky, uphill hike. Visitors should exercise caution and remain on the marked trail. 


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