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Lower Killbuck Creek Wildlife Area

Location & Description

This 161-acre wildlife area is located in northeastern Ohio in Holmes County. The town of Killbuck lies one mile to the northeast. US Route 62 bisects the area, running east-west. The area lies at the edge of the glaciated region of Ohio, with flat, wetland topography.

History & Purpose

Purchase of land for this wildlife area began in 2000. Additional land is being acquired as funds become available, from willing sellers. The ODNR Division of Wildlife is acquiring land in this area because of the quality wetland habitats and associated wildlife species that are found here. The wetlands in the Killbuck Creek Valley (Wayne, Holmes, and Coshocton counties) are the largest complex of wetlands remaining in Ohio, away from Lake Erie. 90 percent of Ohio's original wetlands have been destroyed. This wildlife area is managed for wetland wildlife and the associated public recreational opportunities.


Killbuck Creek and the channels and oxbows support good populations of Northern pike and various rough fish, along with some panfish. Wood duck, mallard, Canada geese, muskrat, and raccoon are the principal game and furbearer species. Beaver are common and have created excellent habitat for many furbearers, birds, fish, frogs, and turtles. River otters have been documented on the area, as well as bald eagles and trumpeter swans. A great variety of nesting and migrant birds utilize the area, and the adjacent private wetlands.

Recreational Opportunities

Waterfowl hunting is very popular at this wildlife area. The most common species is the wood duck, with good numbers of mallards, raccoons, and mink. Killbuck Creek and the deeper old channels offer good fishing for Northern pike, carp, suckers, and bullheads. Frog and turtle hunting are also popular recreational activities.


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