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Mohican Scenic River

Two segments of the Mohican River were designated as "scenic" in December 2006, totalling 32.3 miles:

  • The Clear Fork of the Mohican River from the base of the Pleasant Hill Dam to the confluence with the Black Fork of the Mohican River - 4.8 river miles
  • The entire main stem of the Mohican River from the confluence of the Clear Fork to the confluence with the Kokosing State Scenic River - 27.5 miles

The lower section of the Clear Fork and the Mohican River consists of a lush forested river valley and clean, flowing waters which provide valuable habitats for numerous flora and fauna. Clear Fork Gorge State Nature Preserve lies adjacent to the scenic river. Other public lands in the watershed include Mohican State Park and Mohican Memorial State Forest.

Scenic river designation was initiated by local residents and businesses, including a number of canoe liveries and campgrounds. Resolutions of support were passed by four counties (Ashland, Coshocton, Holmes and Knox) and a number of local townships.

The river system is navigable by canoe and offers a high-quality recreational experience for users. There are a variety of camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking and picnicking activities available along the Mohican River.


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