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North Pond State Nature Preserve


North Pond is a nearly pristine wetland with a channel leading to Lake Erie at the North Bay on Kelleys Island. The pond was formed as the lake receded from its ancient shoreline. North Pond represents one of the very few natural wetlands directly connected to Ohio's "great lake," which remains in a natural system. Virtually all of the wetlands in Lake Erie's western basin have been impounded by dikes and are artificially controlled.

This aquatic ecosystem harbors a fascinating assemblage of plant and animal life, as many of these species may be viewed from the boardwalk. A variety of plants including the endangered wapato, swamp rose mallow, bulrushes, pond-lilies and many other wetland species occur in the marsh. Lake Erie is famous for the tremendous numbers of waterfowl migrating through in the spring and fall. A birder visiting North Pond during these seasons will be rewarded by sightings of numerous species of ducks and other water birds.

  • Stay on designated trails
  • No public restrooms
  • Open 1/2 hour before sunrise, 1/2 after dusk
  • No pets permitted


Call: 911

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(614) 265-6419



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