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O'Shaughnessy Reservoir Fishing Area

Recreational Opportunities

The city of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department maintains the parking lots, picnic areas, boat ramps, docks and rental boat slips. Unlimited horsepower is permitted on the lake.

Check for water quality advisories: http://publicapps.odh.ohio.gov/beachguardpublic/


O’Shaughnessy Reservoir is located about 9 miles northwest of Columbus in Delaware County. State Route 257 parallels the east side of the reservoir. Access is available along State Route 257 at designated parking lots and boat ramps in the Twin Lakes area, along State Route 257 at Home Road, and in Bellepoint.


O’Shaughnessy Reservoir was built by the city of Columbus in 1925. The reservoir, created by damming the Scioto River, provided a needed water source for the city. The reservoir is 912 acres in size and has 18.4 miles of shoreline. Maximum depth is over 40 feet near the dam, although much of the water is 20 feet or less. The watershed for the reservoir is about 770 square miles and is composed of mostly agricultural land. Bottom composition is made up of rock in the south section and mud and silt in the north.


Call: 911

Phone Number

(614) 644-3925