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Pymatuning Lake Fishing Area


Pymatuning Lake is located in southeastern Ashtabula County and is approximately one mile east of Andover, Ohio and one mile north of Jamestown, Pennsylvania. State Route 85 (Ohio) bisects Pymatuning Lake’s northern and southern sections and becomes State Route 285 at the Pennsylvania border (which is approximately one mile east of Pymatuning Lake Road), which is situated near the middle of the two-mile bridge overlooking the lake. It lies within Pymatuning State Park.


Pymatuning Lake was constructed in 1933 when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dammed the outlet of Pymatuning Swamp for the purpose of water conservation, flood control, regulating stream flow, and recreation. A compact between Ohio and Pennsylvania concerning use of the lake was ratified by Congress in 1937. Pymatuning Lake is the largest inland lake in Ohio at 16,349 acres. The fishable portion of Pymatuning Lake (i.e., excluding the sanctuary east of Hartstown Road in Linesville, Pennsylvania) totals 14,334 acres. The fisheries resources of Pymatuning Lake are managed jointly by the Ohio Division of Wildlife and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. The maximum depth of Pymatuning Lake is 30 feet. Boats are allowed with a maximum of 20 horsepower. Anglers should note that boat anglers may have a license from either Ohio or Pennsylvania and be legal. However, shore anglers need to have a license for the state that they are fishing in, i.e., Ohio anglers must have a Pennsylvania fishing license in order to fish on the Pennsylvania side of Pymatuning Lake and Pennsylvania anglers must have an Ohio fishing license in order to fish on the Ohio side of Pymatuning Lake.



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