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St. Marys Fish Hatchery

St. Mary's Fish Hatchery is located on over 150 acres in western Auglaize County on the eastern shore of Grand Lake St. Marys. This facility, opened in 1913, was originally operated by the Western Ohio Fish and Game Association and was officially dedicated as a state hatchery in 1936. The hatchery has 26 ponds containing a total of 43 water acres. The facility also has two outdoor raceways and nine indoor rearing troughs. Water is supplied by Grand Lake St. Marys (5,000 gallons per minute capacity) and four wells (over 1,600 gallons per minute capacity). This water supply allows the hatchery to raise saugeye, walleye, yellow perch, channel catfish and blue catfish. Production begins in the spring with walleye egg collection for production of both walleye and saugeye. Also in the spring, yellow perch breeding adults are placed into hatchery troughs with provided spawning structures. Once these three species are hatched, grown and stocked into area lakes, the ponds are refilled and stocked with fingerling channel catfish and blue catfish fry. 

Shooting Range

St. Marys Fish Hatchery Shooting Range


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