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Tar Hollow State Forest

ATTENTION TRAIL USERS AT TAR HOLLOW STATE FOREST: Two portions of hiking trails and one portion of a bridle trail are temporarily closed due to forest management activities. Please remain on the road along the sections of trail indicated on the maps -- Map 1 [pdf] and Map 2 [pdf].

Tar Hollow State Forest

Tar Hollow State Forest originated from the Ross-Hocking Land Utilization project of the 1930s. The purpose of the program was to locate families to more productive land, thereby enabling them to better sustain a living. Following termination of the project, the land was leased to the Division of Forestry, and finally transferred to the State in 1958. Tar Hollow is Ohio's third largest state forest, containing 16,446 acres.

A wealth of recreational activities is available at Tar Hollow State Forest. A 46-site primitive horse camp is located at the south end of the forest on Poe Run Road. Latrines are provided at the camp, but electricity and drinking water are not available. Radiating from the horse camp are 33 miles of bridle trails [Map]. All bridle trails are south of the fire tower.

A 22-mile network of hiking trails is located in the northern half of the forest.

Seventeen miles of paved forest roads and 14 miles of gravel forest roads provide a great opportunity for a scenic drive and allow good access to all areas of the forest.

Favorite Things to Do or See

  • Logan Backpack Trail [Map]
  • Fire Tower

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the forest open for public access hunting? Yes.

Unique Features

Forest Rules

  • Tar Hollow State Forest is open to visitors between 6am and 11pm daily. Legal campers, if applicable, hunters, and anglers may be present during other times.
  • Operation of motor vehicles is restricted to roads provided for such travel. Speed limit on state forest roads is 30 MPH unless otherwise posted. Vehicles may not be parked where traffic or access to division service roads or trails are obstructed. OAC 1501: 3-4 Motor Vehicles
  • Horses may be ridden along forest roads or on designated bridle trails.
  • Fires are not permitted expect in grills or fire rings provided, or in portable stoves. Fires must be attended to at all times.
  • Trash must be disposed of in receptacles provided.
  • Camping is only permitted on designated areas for such use. OAC 1501:3-3 Camping
  • Hunting and fishing are permitted in most state forests as regulated by the Division of Wildlife. Shooting is prohibited within 400 feet of any building, facility, or recreation area and from or across any road or driveway. Discharge of any firearm is not permitted except during lawful hunting season.
  • Public display or consumption of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited.
  • Disturbance, defacement, or destruction of any property, material, natural feature, or vegetation is prohibited. Berries, nuts, and mushrooms may be gathered and removed except from posted areas.
  • State forest boundaries are indicated with yellow blazes on the trees and/or posted signs.
  • Other general rules for visitation are found at OAC 1501:3-2 Rules for Visitation

Bridle Camp Rules

  • The campground is for horse riders only. Horse campers are to register at the Self-Registration Booth. Only one unit is permitted per campsite.
  • Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis; saving campsites is prohibited.
  • Fires and camping are allowed in designated areas only. Do not leave fires unattended.
  • Please park all equipment on your campsite; do not park in the grass.
  • Maintain your campsite in a clean and sanitary manner.
  • Please observe quiet hours from 11pm to 8am.
  • Open display and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.


David Glass, Forest Manager

Administrative Office:
Hocking State Forest
19275 State Route 374
Rockbridge, OH 43149-9749

Columbus Headquarters:
(877) 247-8733


Call: 911

Phone Number

(740) 385-4402



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