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Upper Cuyahoga Scenic River

Designated Scenic on June 26, 1974; 25 miles:

  • Troy-Burton Township line in Geauga County to US Rt. 14 in Portage County

Due to its constant flow and gentle current, the Upper Cuyahoga River is a very popular stream for fishing and paddling.

The topography of the Upper Cuyahoga watershed was shaped by the Illinoisan and Wisconsinan glaciers. Preglacial valleys provide a plentiful source of ground water throughout the region. It is this abundant ground water which helps to sustain flow and quality of the Upper Cuyahoga during dry weather conditions.

Above Hiram Rapids, the river is somewhat narrow and confined to the rather straight channel constructed to improve drainage around the turn of the century. The channel project was unsuccessful and this segment has become a virtual wilderness with little or no development along its shoreline. In the vicinity of the river, the topography is relatively flat, low and swampy. This extensive wetland provides excellent wildlife habitat and an abundant variety of wildflowers and plants. Willow, sycamore, elm, and button bush dominate the shoreline and flood plain.

Below Hiram Rapids, the river changes, becoming a meandering stream of changing beauty. The topography along the stream is somewhat hilly to steep in sections. The hillsides are dominated by beech-maple forests which include a variety of ash, oak and hickory. This lower segment is more developed, but still retains its natural quality.

Aquatic biodiversity in the Upper Cuyahoga is excellent: 50 species of fish and many mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians are present.


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