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Guide to Wild Turkey Hunting in Ohio

Visit Ohio for the hunt of a lifetime.

Find all the information you need to plan a wild turkey hunting trip in the Buckeye State.

Turkey Hunting and Regulations 

Review the current Ohio Hunting and Trapping Regulations by following the link below. Ohio hunting and trapping regulations are available in both English and Spanish. You will also find all hunting and trapping season dates in the regulations, as well as license and permit information.

Ohio Hunting & Trapping Regulations 

Ohio Apprentice License 

Apprentice hunting licenses allow new hunters, both adult and youth, to sample the experience of hunting under mentorship of a licensed adult prior to completing a hunter education course. For more information on the Ohio apprentice license, follow the link below.

Ohio Hunting Licenses & Permits
Take Someone Turkey Hunting [YouTube Video] 

Find a Place to Hunt

The Ohio Division of Wildlife manages or cooperates in managing over 750,000 acres of diverse wildlife lands throughout the state, plus more than 2 1/4 million acres of water. This includes the newly acquired Appalachian Hills Wildlife Area, which provides hunters and anglers with over 38,000 acres of continuous public land. To learn more about the Appalachian Hills Wildlife Area, or other possible lodging/camp sites and public land hunting opportunity, please follow the link below.

Find a Place to Hunt

Turkey Hunting 101

Educate yourself with videos from Ohio Division of Wildlife staff as they present on turkey hunting gear and techniques, calls, how to check in your turkey, processing your turkey and how to preserve turkey parts (feet, beard, fan).

Turkey Hunting Gear & Techniques [YouTube Video] 
Turkey Friction Call [YouTube Video] 
Turkey Box Call: Push Button [YouTube Video] 
Turkey Box Call: Striker [YouTube Video] 
Checking in Your Turkey [YouTube Video] 
Wild Turkey Processing [YouTube Video] 
Preserving Your Turkey Parts [YouTube Video] 

Deer and Turkey Game Check [pdf]
Permission to Hunt Form [pdf]
Check Game Using the HuntFish Ohio Mobile App
Ohio Hunting & Trapping Resources

Field to Table 

Successful turkey hunters are rewarded with some of the best organic table fare that the state of Ohio has to offer. Let the Division of Wildlife help guide you with tried and true recipes from our own staff and partners. Follow the link below for turkey and other wild game species recipes.

Wild Ohio Harvest Cookbook: Wild Turkey Recipes
Wild Ohio Harvest Cookbook: Wild Turkey Schnitzel [YouTube Video] 
Wild Ohio Harvest Cookbook: Grilled Wild Turkey [YouTube Video] 

Controlled Hunting Opportunities

The Ohio Division of Wildlife works hard to provide hunters and trappers with quality hunting/trapping opportunities. One of the resources available to customers are through our controlled hunting and trapping lotteries. To learn more about the controlled hunting/trapping opportunities and if they might be for you, follow the link below.

Ohio Controlled Hunting Opportunities

More Outdoor Adventures

Springtime isn’t just for turkey hunting. With largemouth bass and bluegills on their beds and morel mushrooms popping, be sure to take advantage of the resources below and enjoy all that Ohio’s public land has to offer.

Where to Fish
Ohio Fishing Regulations
Where to View Wildlife
Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips [YouTube Video]

Help a Biologist and Report Wildlife Sightings

Report your wildlife sightings online and help Ohio biologists track a number of different species, including black bear, bobcat, river otter, ruffed grouse, turkey and more.  For more information on how you can help, please follow the link below.

Report Wildlife Sightings Online