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Procedure Directives & Guidelines (Coal Mining)

Procedure Directives can be downloaded from the FORMS and DOCUMENTS library of cataloged resources from the Division of Mineral Resources Management. 



Bonding 89-1; Prime Farmland and Non-Prime Farmland Cropland Incremental Bond Release Procedures

Bonding 92-1; Bond Release Requests on Areas that Contain U.S. Forest Service Land

Bonding 92-2; Procedures and Forms for Submission of Bond Release Requests


Engineering 88-1; Excess Spoil Disposal

Inspection & Enforcement (I&E)

I & E 88-1; Bond Release Conferences

I & E 88-2; Occupied Dwellings and Adjacent Landowners

I & E 88-4; Alternative Methods of Protection of Topsoil and Resoiling Stockpiles from Erosion

I & E 88-6; Processing Times for Annual or Final Reports

I & E 88-7; Color Coding of Annual or Final Maps for Renewed Permits

I & E 88-8; Reporting Prime Farmland and Non-prime Farmland Cropland on Annual and Final Maps

I & E 88-9; Blaster Certification Verification Procedures

I & E 88-10; Quarterly Water Monitoring

I & E 88-11; Phase 2 Bond Releases

I & E 88-12; Planting Report Form

I & E 89-3; Notification of Abatement of Violations

I & E 89-5; Verification of Sediment Control System Certification

I & E 89-6; D-Permit Phase Releases, General Procedure for Division Personnel

I & E 90-2; Certification of Construction of Primary Roads

I & E 91-3; Temporary Cessation of Operations (TINA)

I & E 92-1; Coal Explorations - Notice of Intent

I & E 93-3; Certification of Impoundments

I & E 93-5; Notice of Violation/Imminent Harm Cessation Order Extension Requests

I & E 93-6; Inspection Reports

I & E 95-1; Notification of Owners & Controllers of a Permit that a Cessation Order was Issued

I & E 96-1; Removal of Siltation Structures and Termination of NPDES Monitoring

I & E 99-1; Initiation of Bond Forfeiture Process

I & E 99-2; Bond Forfeiture Process

I & E 08-01; Enforcement Criteria for Conversion from IM to Coal

I & E 08-02; Performance Security Increase as a Result of Non-Contemporaneous Reclamation

I & E 09-01; Evaluating Post-mining Discharges

I & E 2017-01; Procedures for Handling and Tracking of Citizen Complaints

Internal Communications (IC)

IC 89-1; Procedures for Distribution and Response to Ten Day Notices and Uncited Violations


Legal 88-1; Settlement Guidelines

Legal 93-1; Alternative Enforcement


Reg 89-2; NPDES Reporting Requirements

Reg 89-3; Reconstruction of Public Roads - Release of Bond

Reg 92-1; Reclamation in Lieu of Cash Payment for Civil Penalties

Reg 93-1; Criteria for the Development of Brushpiles

Reg 97-2; Disposal of Excess Spoil on Unpermitted Area Adjacent to a Mining Permit

Reg 2008-01; Direct Negotiated Mine Operator Contracts for Severance Tax Credits for Performance Securities

Reg 2008-02; Contemporaneous Reclamation

Reg 2013-01; Replacement of Water Supplies Affected by Coal Mining Operations

Reg 2014-01, Remining Inspection of Pollution Abatement Areas

Reg 2016-01, Prime Farmland

Reg 2016-02, Calculation and Implementation of LTW Treatment Trust Fund

Reg 2018-01, Suspension/Revocation of a Blaster's Certification


Tech 88-1; Citizens Complaints re: Temporary Turbidity in Water Supplies Caused by Blasting

Tech 88-2; Ground Cover Requirements for Phase II and Phase III Bond Releases

Tech 94-1; Alternative Resoiling Material


UG 89-1; Policy for Underground Mining Operations

UG 90-1; Surface Owner Notification - Underground Mining Operations

UG 90-2; Subsidence Damage

UG 90-3; Pre-subsidence Surveys

UG 91-1; Underground Mine Maps

UG 93-1; Water Monitoring - Shadow and Adjacent Areas

UG 93-2; Replacement of Interim Water Supplies Diminished by Subsidence



Engineering 88-2; SCS DAMS 2 Approved Rainfall Distribution

Engineering 89-2; Impoundment and Sediment Pond Design Methods

Engineering 96-1; Sediment Pond Design

Engineering 03-2; Application of USDA, SCS Technical Release No. 60

Engineering 04-1; Permanent Impoundment Certification


PD 2007-01; Submittal of Application to Revise a Coal Mining Permit (ARP) for SAD

PD 2007-02; Inclusion of Blanket Small Area Drainage Exemptions in New Permit Applications

PD 2009-01; Stream Buffer Zone Variance Requests

Perm 88-1; 50 Foot Consents

Perm 88-2; Criteria for Evaluation of Proposed Incidental Coal Operations

Perm 88-3; Endangered or Threatened Species

Perm 88-4; Surface Owner Comments of Postmining Landuse and Alternative Postmining Landuse

Perm 89-1; Protecting Historic and Prehistoric Properties - Surface Mining Operations and Underground Mining Permit Area

Perm 89-2; Review of Prime Farmland Information

Perm 93-1; Permitting Coal Removal in Conjunction with Landfill Activities

Perm 95-2; OEPA Effluent Limitations

Perm 10-01; Measures for Protecting the Endangered Indiana Bat

Perm 2011-01, Midterm Permit Review

Perm 2016-01, Coal Refuse Pile Handling

Perm 2016-02, Coal Waste Cover Reduction


Regulatory 2017-01; Lands Eligible for Remining


UG 89-3; Protecting Historic and Prehistoric Properties - Underground Mining Operations


Coal Underground Mine Pool Evaluation Guidelines

Overburden Analysis Guidelines

Performance Security Calculation Guidelines

Permanent Pond Guidelines

Permitting of Pollution Abatement Areas and Establishing Modified Effluent Limits

Reforestation on Surface Mine Lands Guidelines

Test Hole Variance Request Guidelines

Wetland Guidelines


Performance Security

PS 2007-01; Preliminary Implementation of Performance Security Provisions of HB 443

PS 2007-02; Performance Security Calculation, Adjustments and Releases

PS 2010-01; Performance Securities Procedures


Bonding 90-1; Bonding Forfeiture Collection Procedures