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Rules for Visitation - State Forests

Rules for swimming, fires, rock-climbing, aviation, animals and additional recreational activities in Ohio state forests. 

1501:3-2-01 Hours closed
1501:3-2-02 Exception to hours closed
1501:3-2-03 Swimming prohibited
1501:3-2-04 Disposition of refuse or debris
1501:3-2-05 Removal or disturbance of state property prohibited
1501:3-2-06 Exceptions to removal of state property
1501:3-2-08 Kindling a fire prohibited
1501:3-2-10 Use of fireworks prohibited
1501:3-2-11 Use or possession of intoxicating beverages
1501:3-2-13 Permission required for public meetings, events and special activities
1501:3-2-14 Construction of structures prohibited
1501:3-2-15 Rock-climbing and rappelling permitted in designated areas only
1501:3-2-16 Aviation
1501:3-2-17 Releasing of animals and plants prohibited
1501:3-2-18 Animals and pets in state forests
1501:3-2-19 Paleontological, archaeological, historical and geological features
1501:3-2-20 Metal detectors prohibited
1501:3-2-21 Paintball, AirSoft activity prohibited
1501:3-2-22 Unattended cameras, geocaches