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Wildlife Legacy Stamp

Wildlife Legacy Stamp

Support Ohio's Wildlife!

Buying an Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp allows wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to directly impact the future of Ohio’s native animals. For $15 you’ll receive a collectible stamp, window cling, and commemorative card.

Deborah Morrison of Bowerston, Ohio won the 2020 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Contest with an image of a male Northern Cardinal. The winning photo featuring a Northern Cardinal is featured on the 2021 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp.

The 2021 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp will be for sale beginning February 22, 2021. Fourteen dollars of every $15 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp sold are invested in the state’s Wildlife Diversity Fund. This fund supports habitat restoration, wildlife and habitat research projects, creation of wildlife educational materials, and efforts that restore and conserve endangered and threatened species. No state tax dollars are contributed to this fund.

The stamp proceeds support:

  • habitat restoration, land purchases and conservation easements
  • keeping common species common
  • endangered & threatened native species
  • educational products for students and wildlife enthusiasts
  • wildlife and habitat research projects

Purchasing Options


Order a stamp for $15 through the Ohio's Wildlife Licensing System at home or at any store that sells hunting and fishing licenses. At home, follow the prompts, select this license year and your residency, then continue through the purchase. The Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp is at the bottom of the license list. At the store, tell the clerk you'd like to purchase a Legacy Stamp. You will receive your stamp in the mail in about four to six weeks, whether you buy from home or at a store. 

Mail-in Form

To order the current Legacy Stamp or a past stamp for $15, print and send the Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Mail Order Form. Ordering bulk purchase of 25 or more stamps reduces the cost to $13 each. Discount is available by mail order only.

Get State Park Discounts with Your Stamp!

Eight Ohio State Park Lodges are supporting the state’s outdoor enthusiasts by offering room discounts to anyone with valid Ohio fishing, hunting or trapping licenses and to those holding an Ohio Wildlife Legacy stamp.

Those holding the Wildlife Legacy stamp receive a 25% discount, and those with a fishing, hunting or trapping license receive a 10% discount off their lodge room or cabin. Valid licenses or stamps must be presented upon check-in. The discount is available for advance reservations and those walking in to the lodges. Some blackout dates and restrictions apply.

To make advance reservations, call 1-800-282-7275 or book online and use the promo codes LICENSE or LEGACY.

Visit the Discounts on Camping & Lodging page  and the Great Ohio Lodges page for more information. 

Enter the Legacy Stamp Photo Contest

Want to see your photo on the next Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp? Enter the annual Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Photo Contest! The photo contest submission period for the 2022 stamp begins August 2nd and ends August 13th, 2021. Only entries postmarked during these dates will be accepted.

The subject for the 13th Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Photo Contest is a Bald Eagle. The winning image from the 13th Annual Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Photo Contest will be featured on the 2022 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp. The selection of the winning photo will be made by October 1, 2021.

Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Photo Contest Rules [pdf]

Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Contest Application [pdf]

Past Legacy Stamp Contest Winners [pdf]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my money fund?

  • Habitat restoration – 95% of Ohio is privately owned and we work with landowners to enhance and improve their habitat for wildlife. The Division also implements projects on a continuous basis that improves the 200,000 acres we own, as well as the additional 800,000 acres that we manage.
  • Habitat acquisition – We will focus our acquisition efforts in the following manner:
  • Facilitate conservation easements on riparian corridor where endangered species live.
  • Purchase the most critical pieces of the landscape to complement existing high-quality habitat
  • Add contiguous pieces of land to existing wildlife areas
  • Educational materials – Produce materials for the public including our award-winning bird CDs and booklets, field guides, and materials for teachers.
  • Without research, wildlife management would be like a ship without a rudder. Wildlife biologists use field data they collect to better understand the habits, needs and issues of Ohio’s native animals. Research is the foundation for sound wildlife management decisions.

How much does the stamp cost?
The stamp is $15. Of that amount, $14 goes to the Wildlife Diversity Fund in the ODNR Division of Wildlife, and $1 is the writing fee for handling the transaction that is kept by the license outlet. A bulk purchase of 25 or more stamps reduces the cost to $13 each. Discount is available by mail order only.

Is the stamp required to enter state wildlife areas?
No, but your purchase of this stamp will help to ensure that these areas continue to be properly managed for wildlife and that new lands can be purchased and protected from development.

Can I buy it as a gift for someone?
Yes! The stamp makes a perfect gift for your family and friends who appreciate wildlife.